It’s official! There’s a bun in the oven! πŸ˜

Never thought I would be this happy. I always think that having a baby would slow me down, would made me feel uneasy doing things that I like.

But, it was all changed.
When me and Adrian went to see a doctor and he showed us what was happening inside my stomach ….
When for the first time I saw the baby’s heart bits slowly ….
My maternal instinct was kicking.
That would be the most beautiful moment in my life!
I was like almost crying.
There’s a 7 week old baby inside my womb.
And I would do anything to make the baby safe and sound. Anything.

For a while, Adrian and me decided to call the baby, ‘Lex’. No, we don’t know the sex of the baby yet but we found that the name ‘Lex’ is quite unique. It can be for a baby girl or a baby boy name: Alexander or Alexandra, just wait up later ^_^

Now, Adrian is fussier. Ask me to eat this and that. Make sure I take the vitamins and good nutrition. And me? I deliberately reduce my activities. We both cancel some of our planned trips. Change our life priorities and so on, and so on. πŸ˜„

It’s amazing how the presence of a baby can change a person, in this case, is changing me and Adrian.
Oh, God. Thank you for this unexpected gift πŸ™‚
Thank you so much!

46 respons untuk β€˜It’s official! There’s a bun in the oven! πŸ˜β€™

  1. desty berkata:

    Selamat sekali lagi ya Ka…
    Soal nama baby, saya belum ngasih sebutan atau apapun. Soalnya kata si abang, baby-nya ntar mau dinamain sama opungnya. :))

    • Ceritaeka berkata:

      Ini buat panggilan dulu aja sih, Des. Aku agak nggak rela kalau dipanggil “it” jadi mending ada baby’s nick name. Aku sama Adrian sepakat kalau pas lahir dan ngerasa nggak cocok ya nggak dipanggil Lex lagi. Hehehe.

  2. Swastika Nohara berkata:

    Congrats Eka! Aku dulu disarankan dokter hanya minum suplemen asam folat, utk pemenuhan vitamin lainnya lebih baik dari sumber alami (sayur dan buah segar) instead of suplemen. Enjoy the ride!

  3. Halim Santoso berkata:

    Wuaaaa baru tahuu berita gembira ini. Congrats kakak…. Kalo baby Lex sudah keluar dari oven plis info om Halim yah πŸ˜€

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