I loosen up my self But I am happy about it!

Quotes About MotherhoodNot so long a go Adrian and me announced on how happy we were to expect our baby. My pregnancy was a magical journey. It teaches me a lot about being patient, loving and dicipline at the same time. But being a mother brought me to a different level of life. Before I had a child, I would worry about little things (at that time, those little things were things I considered big matters :D) Such as, things that are not at their places. Shoes here, books there or towels on the chair not on the rack. I would piss off when I was late to the meeting. I would be upset if I couldn’t come to a party or social events.

But after I hold my baby on my arms… Those seem not so important anymore 😛

I found it okay not to go around to some lunches with friends. I can live with the mess, even my house is a total mess now 😛 No more order. Toys are blocking the way, little car is here and there, not to mention all those mini tiny clothes that are everywhere 😛 I found it odd if my house is too clean. Is my son sick? Is he okay? Why didn’t he play at the house? And those negative thoughts pop up when I see my house is too tidy :mrgreen: .Hahaha

To me, tidy house is a dream or on a magazine page only 😛

 I learn not to be selfish. Even I didn’t realize how selfish I was until being a mom shows me how selfless I can be 🙂 I already feel blessed if I can go to my dermatology once in two months. Forget about the hair spa or facial appointment, having a me time by reading a magazine uninterrupted for 30 minutes is a huge bonus! 😀 Pending some music concerts or canceling a holiday trip as my baby needs me are common. I get used to it without feeling upset.

Being a mom changes me, in ways I most didn’t expect. I work out on my soul to be more patient, caring and gentle. Well, I am not always successful, but I know I am better than I used to be. It doesn’t mean motherhood takes all my life and things I used to love… It just means that I re-prioritize what’s on my hands. Appreciate everything and makes the best of it.

Happy Friday, y’all :* How motherhood has changed you?


13 respons untuk ‘I loosen up my self But I am happy about it!

  1. littlethingsonmymind berkata:

    jungkir balik duniaku kak hahaha. Yang tadinya cemberut kl weekend di rumah aja, sekarang maunya gak usah kemana-mana biar bisa santai dan quality time sama anak. Yang dulunya jam 8 malam sudah tidur cantik, sekarang boro-boro tidur cantik…*apa itu tidur?? *baru mau merem, udah harus bangun lagi buat nyusuin :p . Yang dulunya mandi bisa sambil scrubing dan nyanyi2, sekarang? kalau boleh ilmu ‘dua jari’ aja alias celupin telunjuk dan jari tengah ke air dan diolesin aja ke mata, bersihin belek hahahaha… dan masih banyak lagi…. tapi tetap aku bahagia menjalaninya 😀

  2. desty berkata:

    “Forget about the hair spa or facial appointment, having a me time by reading a magazine uninterrupted for 30 minutes is a huge bonus! ”

    Iya pake banget untuk kalimat itu. Tapi me time itu rasanya nggak ada artinya demi bisa bersama anak ya, Ka. Apalagi utk working mom kayak kita ini. Dan setuju banget prioritas kita jadi beda.

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