May is a Happy Sway

I thought they forgot but they didn’t ☺️☺️ Though it was no biggy since we were occupied with this church thingy. But when the bouquet came in the evening while I was busy preparing meal for dinner, I couldn’t be more thrilled. They really surprised me.

Aw, you guys…. Thank you 😍 Thank you for the love. Thank you for lotta hugs and kisses I received everyday. Thank you for being my guys.

Mother’s Day 2021

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms in the world. Who have been working so hard expressing love to family, hubbies and children, sometimes sacrificing own interest for the interest of them. May God grand your heart desire for the best of your family and yourself too.

Putting the pic from Mother’s Day in 2020 here since I didn’t make any post last year. Lol. Once again, Happy Mother’s Day. Let’s sway in happiness, ladies! Our own created happiness. 😍😘

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