Behind the scene of Our Maternity Photo Shoot

You must have seen our maternity photo shoot. If not, pleased your eyes here: Maternity Photography ^_^. Now I wanna talk about things behind the screen. Well, it is not a surprise if the kitchen becomes messy to produce wonderful things, right? 😛 Took 30 minutes only for the makeup and around 10 minutes hair do, quite fast, huh? Well, Nanath (the makeup artist slash photographer) knows perfectly what she’s doing.

Before & After

Before & After

The photo-shoot took about 2,5 hours around the condotel in three different rooms: the living room, master bedroom and the smaller bedroom. The last one was chosen because of its good lightning. I changed my apparel several times: white gown, black gown, golden fabric, pink blouse and a simple black tube for the skin to skin session.

Full of laughter. Nanath is on the upper pic posing with me.

Full of laughter. Nanath is on the upper pic posing with me.

It was a wonderful photo-shoot. We felt comfy with Nanath, perhaps because we’re friends already. Yet she’s a female so I don’t feel awkward when I needed to take off my clothes.



At the end, me and Adrian were loving it so much! The process, the result, they just represent our love and happiness in the right way.

I’m a Little Bit Busy Now

Starting on week 36 I do some exercise for my labour preparation. The fitter a prego, the easier when that big day of pushing is coming 🙂 So I do these:

  • 30 minutes morning walking on the grass
  • 5 sets of squatting @ 8x, total of 40x and I shall increase it into 100x
  • 15 minutes pelvic rocking
  • 15 minutes Kegel exercise
  • 30 minutes afternoon walking in the neighborhood
  • 2x a week go for Senam Hamil (like a Yoga)
  • 1x a week go for swimming


Yes, I’m on my maternity leave but I’m also a busy mom to beeee! ^_^.

Pregnancy Brunch

I’m on my maternity leave already so I have lotta times to do things in order to prepare my labour. Yet, staying at home can lead to death by boredom :)) Lucky I have a solution for this: when I get bored at home, I usually stalk Adrian to his office. Hahaha. But surely I don’t disturb him for what I meant by stalking him is I go with him to Jakarta, he’ll drop me in whatever mall I like then he’ll pick me up again in the afternoon. Sometimes we go lunch together when his schedule isn’t that packed. But sometimes I just keep my self busy reading magazines, novels, browsing on the internet while having my meal.
My kinda brunch :P

My kinda brunch 😛

By the way, there are two places I love most for my brunch. One is Java Bean. Luv their breakfast menu, yet to me it will be brunch as I usually arrive around 10am. Hihihi. They have this comfy chairs and relax ambiance. Their brunch menu also isn’t that heavy. Oh, if we order the package menus, it is inclusive drink too. Yeay!
My crazy craving :P

My crazy craving 😛

Another pregnancy brunch place for me is Kobe Lamptei. I enjoy their original Lamptei rice beef menu. So original. Simple without heavy spices so I can taste the real juicy beef from what I order. But this place is good for eating only, not a comfy one for relaxing since they use hard chairs.
Yet, both of them provide free wifi though 😉

Must Have Pregnancy Beauty Products

Although sometimes I feel bloated and uncomfy during my pregnancy but it doesn’t stop me from feeling good. I do believe when you feel good (about yourself) then you’ll look good too. Yet because I’m pregnant I can’t freely use any products, it should be safe for me and the baby, so these are what I usually use :

Pregnancy Beauty Products 1

  1. Moayu Bath Gel, IDR 59.000. This bath gel with gentle and abundant foam contain green tea extract that sooth every bath session of mine. At first, I got these products for free as a gift from my friend, Nuuii. Yet when I started to try it, definitely I’m in love and I made an order already 🙂
  2. Another collection of Moayu that I like is the Body Lotion, IDR 39.000 for 100 ml. A combination of green tea, coconut and frangipani. The smell is just so calming! The effect is significant on me. I feel relax every time I do bath and put the lotion using Moayu’s product. Later I know that the owner was also pregnant when she invented these series. No wonder! ^_^
  3. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula, IDR 40.000 for 30 gram. A massage cream for Stretch Marks. Fany, a friend of mine recommended this to me. She is a big fan and she said this anti stretch marks cream is impelling. So I tried it and I guess it works! I have no stretch mark on my belly and the previous marks on my butt are gradually faded. This cream is a miracle!
  4. Pink Grapefruit Body Mist from The Body Shop, IDR 119.000 for 100 ml. Well, I sometimes got hot flashes and this essence just kinda make me feel fresh again. Love the smell and the sensation afterwards. Pregnancy Beauty Products 2
  5. Vanilla aromatherapy candle from Scents of Life, $10/ candle. Lit this before bed and all I get is a peaceful vibe that helps me sleep tighter 🙂 Bought this on my trip to New Zealand and too bad I can’t find it in Jakarta. Lucky I have two huge candles. Guess that’s enough supply for my pregnancy 😛


Well, those fives are my fave pregnancy beauty products that I find it really helping my time :).

Kalau Ibu Hamil Terjatuh

Salah satu mimpi buruk seorang ibu hamil adalah kalau ia terjatuh. Selain membahayakan ibu tentu dapat membahayakan janinnya juga. Tapi kalau sampai kejadian (amit-amit) seorang bumil jatuh, sebisa mungkin jangan panik. Mungkin kedengarannya sulit, tapi satu hal yang perlu diingat, janin di dalam perut terlindung oleh air ketuban yang merupakan salah satu peredam kejut yang bagus. Walau begitu, sebelum ke RS atau dokter, ada baiknya bumil melakukan langkah-langkah pemeriksaan awal sendiri:

  1. Periksa apakah ada flek/darah yang keluar dari jalan lahir atau tidak
  2. Periksa apakah ada air (ketuban) yang keluar dari jalan lahir atau tidak
  3. Perhatikan pergerakan janin di dalam perut, apakah ada perbedaan sebelum dan sesudah jatuh.
  4. Hitung kontraksi jika ada.

Setelah itu, bumil dapat menyegerakan diri untuk ke RS agar dapat menerima penanganan lebih lanjut. Jika usia kehamilan sudah agak besar, kemungkinan akan diperiksa rekam detak jantung janin serta diambil peanganan sesuai pemeriksaan.

Well, Stay safe bumil! Hati-hati kalau melakukan segala sesuatu 🙂