New Friend

My baby has always been a fond of animals especially the fluffy furry ones. Cats and dogs are his favorite.

One day there’s a new comer in our neighborhood. A cute dog. He really wanted to touch and pat him but he was too afraid to do that since he was not familiar with that cutie. So he just stared at the dog hoping that they’d be just fine. Eventually the dog realized that someone was noticing him. You know the old saying that if you stare someone intensively, that someone will notice you and look at you back, right? I guess that applies to dogs too :p

Bast New Friend

The dog looked back to my baby. Clearly that baby boy didn’t expect that so… He ran! I almost died of laughing as it was him who watched the dog first but when it came near him, he was scared. 😀

Anw curiosity held him from running further. There were moments they just stared at each other. I think there was chemistry between them. They got to know each other. A minute after that, the fear, the insecure feeling is a history.


Baby boy has a new friend starting that day 🙂

Just Can’t Help it

I rarely post a clear pict of my son in this blog. But I just can’t help not to share this one. Taken on my day off where we spent the whole day together doing nothing but giggling over silly thing.

“Happiness is the only thing that multiplies when you share it!” 😘


About Being Strong

Quote of Being StrongIt was just about a week ago when my son fell and broke his wrist. I didn’t realize it soon, though. I thought it was just another fell as a part of his walking learning process. Yet, something caught me when I saw him grinning in pain during I nurse him. Moreover, the fact that he avoid to sleep in certain position set my motherhood instinct on alert.

Long story short, the orthopedic decided to Baca lebih lanjut