10 Things That Made Me Smile This Week

Wrapping my weekend up with lotta smile.

1. Sipping coffee at my favorite cafe in Sentul.

2. Monopoly board game with Abang kecil dan Abang Gede. I, as the only lady in the house, of course always win 🤣🤣

3. Tuck my nephews to bed; sing lullaby songs and even snores together with them. LOL. Geez, baby sitting 3 children at same time takes up lotta energy but it’s FUN!

4. Journaling

5. Hub drives me around this week

6. New VERY soft towels on the shelf

7. Strolling around old town Bogor for that famous porky culinary experience

8. Free ice cream from Dad 😅 (of course I can buy it myself but taking ice creams bought by my dad is like reliving sweet childhood memories)

9. Joined mid-week Woman Mass

10. Quality time with Mom

This 3rd week of April is a very fast pace week. I slipped on something in my job due to tiredness that led to lack of preparation and ended with me beating myself up for I couldn’t meet the standard I’ve set up.

But one thing doesn’t have to ruin the whole beautiful week I have. And here I am being grateful for lotta things God has given me.

It’s all about perspective ☺️