I loosen up my self But I am happy about it!

Quotes About MotherhoodNot so long a go Adrian and me announced on how happy we were to expect our baby. My pregnancy was a magical journey. It teaches me a lot about being patient, loving and dicipline at the same time. But being a mother brought me to a different level of life. Before I had a child, I would worry about little things (at that time, those little things were things I considered big matters :D) Such as, things that are not at their places. Shoes here, books there or towels on the chair not on the rack. I would piss off when I was late to the meeting. I would be upset if I couldn’t come to a party or social events.

But after I hold my baby on my arms… Those seem not so important anymore 😛

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About Being Strong

Quote of Being StrongIt was just about a week ago when my son fell and broke his wrist. I didn’t realize it soon, though. I thought it was just another fell as a part of his walking learning process. Yet, something caught me when I saw him grinning in pain during I nurse him. Moreover, the fact that he avoid to sleep in certain position set my motherhood instinct on alert.

Long story short, the orthopedic decided to Baca lebih lanjut