Training for a 100 KM Cycling

Inspired by @Dewikr and @tiyokpras who have been doing 100 km as easy as breathing, I plan on doing it too. So the past two months I’ve been rebuilding my stamina, developing my endurance and durability and training myself for this milestone. Boy, I am nervous. 😅

Anyway, couple of weeks ago I was challenged by Adrian to go for 60 km and I just did it! I managed to cycle that far. Hopefully soon can go for a 100 km. I’ve got the best cycling buddy who’ very determined on pumping my spirit up. Eventhough sometimes his short comments were quite annoying. 😅🤦🏻‍♀️

“Itu tanjakannya dikit doang kok. Pendek gitu.”

“Kan abis makan mie ayam, lewat flyover aja ya.”

“Baru 40 km, belum capek kan?”

“Average speed-nya dinaikin dikit ke 17-18kph.” (Padahal gue udah megap-megap 😅).

See, super annoying, right? 😅😅 Still I am aiming for a 100 km, wish me luck!

Best cycling buddy slash bodyguard. Lol