It’s a Date!

Finally! I went on a date with Adrian last Saturday night. No nanny, no baby. Feels a bit weird though as the past one year there’s always baby boy between us 😀 We watched Mission Impossible, funny yet exciting movie. During the movie, I asked Adrian to hug me with a certain position just like when we were seeing each other before we got married.

MIAs he wrapped his hands along my soulders, I could feel that my heart light up a little bit. It gives me a lovely warm feeling inside and I like it so much! Geez, seemed it has been gazilion years since I had that kind of feeling. All this time I focus on my son only so that I forgot how to enjoy the day with hubby 😀 Golly! Don’t take me wrong, having activities with babyboy and hubby is exciting too! It’s enormous, in fact. But the joy of spending time just me and Adrian is a different kind of joy.

First date after having a baby.

First date after having a baby.

And u know, what? It felt really good! I think we will go on another date again. Just the two of us. Kiss kiss :*

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