Lemmi Do it a Little Longer

So this morning I asked Basti to bath before we’re going out. I told him that I’ll help bathing him and guess what? He said NO. He said he can do it by himself. “No, Mami, I wanna bath myself. I’m five now, I’m big. I can do it!” and then he went to the bathroom, locked the door and left me standing alone feeling uncertain.

I don’t know how to respond that. I mean, I am proud that my kid (day by day) is being more independent and able to do his own personal stuff without my help… But to be honest I am not ready for this kind of rejection. I am not ready not feeling needed anymore :mrgreen: Baca lebih lanjut

This Keeps Me Sane

Sicily’s Coretti DynastyNamanya jadi emak itu nggak gampang. Mesti pinter bagi waktu buat banyak hal. Mulai dari ngurus anak, kerjaan (kalo working mom kayak saya), ngurusin suami (dimanja-manja dikit so that love sparkles still there), sampe ngurus diri sendiri. Itu semua menguras energi, waktu, dan space di otak. Betul? Hahaha.

Bahkan kalo ada yang bisa ngintip otak saya sekarang pasti bakalan kesasar di labirin penuh pikiran: mulai dari hal-hal yang harus dikerjain, yang udah dikerjain apa udah bener, sampai mimpi-mimpi di kemudian hari. Pendeknya sih, I have a busy mind! :mrgreen: Baca lebih lanjut

I loosen up my self But I am happy about it!

Quotes About MotherhoodNot so long a go Adrian and me announced on how happy we were to expect our baby. My pregnancy was a magical journey. It teaches me a lot about being patient, loving and dicipline at the same time. But being a mother brought me to a different level of life. Before I had a child, I would worry about little things (at that time, those little things were things I considered big matters :D) Such as, things that are not at their places. Shoes here, books there or towels on the chair not on the rack. I would piss off when I was late to the meeting. I would be upset if I couldn’t come to a party or social events.

But after I hold my baby on my arms… Those seem not so important anymore 😛

I found it okay Baca lebih lanjut

It’s a Date!

Finally! I went on a date with Adrian last Saturday night. No nanny, no baby. Feels a bit weird though as the past one year there’s always baby boy between us 😀 We watched Mission Impossible, funny yet exciting movie. During the movie, I asked Adrian to hug me with a certain position just like when we were seeing each other before we got married.

MIAs he wrapped his hands along my soulders, I could feel that my heart light up a little bit. It gives me a lovely warm feeling inside and I like it so much! Geez, seemed it has been gazilion years since I had that kind of feeling. All this time I focus on my son only so that I forgot how to enjoy the day with hubby 😀 Golly! Don’t take me wrong, having activities with babyboy and hubby is exciting too! It’s enormous, in fact. But the joy of spending time just me and Adrian is a different kind of joy.

First date after having a baby.

First date after having a baby.

And u know, what? It felt really good! I think we will go on another date again. Just the two of us. Kiss kiss :*

Not Just a Cup of Tea

This post supposed to be written a week or two before, but I just didn’t have enough time to do it. Why? Are you asking the reason? Well… Soon, you’ll know after reading this. The same reason for this blog being absent for a while.

Anw, never I thought I would truly appreciate a sweet, beautiful sensation of a warm tea flowing through my throat. Here’s why…

This is not just a cup of tea. This is my remedy! :P

This is not just a cup of tea. This is my remedy! 😛

So, I had a hard day. Baca lebih lanjut