Not Just a Cup of Tea

This post supposed to be written a week or two before, but I just didn’t have enough time to do it. Why? Are you asking the reason? Well… Soon, you’ll know after reading this. The same reason for this blog being absent for a while.

Anw, never I thought I would truly appreciate a sweet, beautiful sensation of a warm tea flowing through my throat. Here’s why…

This is not just a cup of tea. This is my remedy! :P

This is not just a cup of tea. This is my remedy! 😛

So, I had a hard day. Nanny was taking a day off due to Lebaran and the maid was doing the same. With that, my days starts at 4 AM by cooking for babyboy’s meal, taking babyboy to daycare (it’s about 1 hour driving to Jakarta should you know), explaining the do’s and don’ts to the daycare’s nannies, then walking to my office to drown myself in the paperwork. You think I have busy day alteady? Well,  hold your breath. That’s just the beginning. About 3 PM I walk to the daycare to pick up baby boy, drive back home, clean myself a little, play with babyboy by taking him for afternoon walk, reading a book, showing him flashcard or simply just singing some kiddies song. Around 8PM, Babyboy will start yawning and I shall tuck him to bed.

So Babyboy is asleep. Would I have my free time? Do you think that would be the end of my day when I can sip hot choco and reading myself a magazine? Nope, that’s not even close to the end of my day :mrgreen: . After Babyboy’s asleep, I need to check on his bag from the daycare. Separate dirty laundries from the clean one, wash some dishes, and pack up for tomorrow. By the time I go to bed I am dead tired.

So forgive me if I suddenly become a mellow dramatic person who even considers 10 minutes quietness on the sofa with a cup of warm tea as a jackpot! 😛 Dear nanny and bibik, thank you for you guys finally come back soon. :* smooches 


8 respons untuk ‘Not Just a Cup of Tea

  1. dWi [nining] (@Ki_seKi) berkata:

    is there any different between a cup of tea and coffee?? due to coffee is my fav onessss hehe curcol
    btw that’s totally a busy day like a bee, 4am to……??? *what time?
    somehow that would be priceless moment as a mom, indeed 🙂

  2. Grace Melia berkata:

    Believe me, almost every mom is dramatic when it comes to chilling time. Hahaha. Wah, Basti sudah ke daycare ya. Aku ketinggalan ceritanya nih. Terakhir mampir ngulik resep sup tahu sutra, thanks for sharing the recipe. Ubii suka banget. Kapan-kapan semoga bisa meet up ya Mamak Eka 🙂

  3. Swastika Nohara berkata:

    I missed those days when my kids were babies! :)))
    A quiet morning felt like one golden moment I wanted to cherish, and wished not to end soon. But suddenly, a cry broke into thin air, and I was like, “Shit, she wakes up! So soon?” 🙂 🙂 🙂

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