Quick Update

Simple thing I used to take it for granted, now has become a luxury for me 🙃🙃 Oh, how I miss listening to the radio on humid Sunday noon while reading stacks of novels.

I miss going cycling to unknown places, all sweat and “smoked” under the sun. I miss cooking my family’s fave meal which usually can take up to 2-3 hours cooking per meal exclude the prep. And then plating them.

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This Keeps Me Sane

Sicily’s Coretti DynastyNamanya jadi emak itu nggak gampang. Mesti pinter bagi waktu buat banyak hal. Mulai dari ngurus anak, kerjaan (kalo working mom kayak saya), ngurusin suami (dimanja-manja dikit so that love sparkles still there), sampe ngurus diri sendiri. Itu semua menguras energi, waktu, dan space di otak. Betul? Hahaha.

Bahkan kalo ada yang bisa ngintip otak saya sekarang pasti bakalan kesasar di labirin penuh pikiran: mulai dari hal-hal yang harus dikerjain, yang udah dikerjain apa udah bener, sampai mimpi-mimpi di kemudian hari. Pendeknya sih, I have a busy mind! :mrgreen: Baca lebih lanjut

Not Just a Cup of Tea

This post supposed to be written a week or two before, but I just didn’t have enough time to do it. Why? Are you asking the reason? Well… Soon, you’ll know after reading this. The same reason for this blog being absent for a while.

Anw, never I thought I would truly appreciate a sweet, beautiful sensation of a warm tea flowing through my throat. Here’s why…

This is not just a cup of tea. This is my remedy! :P

This is not just a cup of tea. This is my remedy! 😛

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