Quick Update

Simple thing I used to take it for granted, now has become a luxury for me 🙃🙃 Oh, how I miss listening to the radio on humid Sunday noon while reading stacks of novels.

I miss going cycling to unknown places, all sweat and “smoked” under the sun. I miss cooking my family’s fave meal which usually can take up to 2-3 hours cooking per meal exclude the prep. And then plating them.

Life has been in constant fast pace with super high pressure for me lately. Once I have a little free time, I use it to unwind myself:

⁃ having quiet time

⁃ conversing with my inner me or

⁃ as simple as disentangle my mind by journaling or writing a blog post

Hoping the start of Ramadhan will slow down the work load therefore I might have a liiiitle bit more additional free time.

Eka, you’ve done great balancing life between Basti, Adrian, job, and me time. Keep going 😊😊 In between that, you’re lucky still managing to have quick update with some besties though just via phone. Grateful.


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