I Love it All

I love putting on make up to my face. It looks good, I feel good.

I love dressing up, covering myself with lovely clothes. It made me happy.

I love wearing high heels and skirt. I feel sexy and joyful.

I love reading books and enjoying my own company. I feel content.

I love being hugged. I feel safe.

I love being driven even though I can drive. I feel spoiled.

Yet, I am fine with my bare face or doing things by myself. I am okay with PJs and flip flop also some crowds. I love it all.

Quick Update

Simple thing I used to take it for granted, now has become a luxury for me 🙃🙃 Oh, how I miss listening to the radio on humid Sunday noon while reading stacks of novels.

I miss going cycling to unknown places, all sweat and “smoked” under the sun. I miss cooking my family’s fave meal which usually can take up to 2-3 hours cooking per meal exclude the prep. And then plating them.

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Writing this when some memories flashing in.

Reminiscing your sweet and cute smile. Your laughter every time I did something odd out of cluelessness or silly faces I made. You always said I live in a bubble, my reaction; sometimes annoying but most of the time funny.

Reminiscing the way we both howling over unopened umbrella on a minor misunderstanding. It was drizzle a little, I didn’t know you had umbrella while you thought I didn’t want to use one so for a while we were walking in the ☔️ rain which actually could be spared 😅.

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I Promise Myself

I recently witness how unfair life is and it shook me quite hard. How a dedicated and hard working person is kicked out from the office not because she is underperformance but dislikeness. And just like that she’s gone 😦

Finally I told myself to work as its portion. No need to show full dedication and give extra miles if you can easily be kicked out. Bekerja sewajarnya. I promise myself that for 2023.

I promise to choose myself first over work.

Um, remember my colleague who passed away last December? I wrote it here. She was missed, office sent condolence flower board, people were grieving… for about a week and then life goes on. People get busy with their own things and forget. The one who still remember and mourn are the family (I know from the FB Post as I befriended with her fam). Bitter truth but it happens everywhere. This reminds me to work as its portion. Bekerja sewajarnya. So, I promise myself to allocate more time for the family. To create more memories with them, to cherish every moment I have with them. To be present and mindful when I am with them.

Hello Tuesday: On Bag, Lingerie, and Skin Care

I can’t sleep and three random things just po up on my head, so I decided to write ‘em up. Well as they say three’s a charm, rite? 😉 So here’s my Tuesday…

On Bag

There are a lot of brands for bags, but I am a Longchamp worshiper. I like the simplicity. The design looks modest for office, and it still blends when travelling. Talking about the weight; it’s just so light. That said when I carry lots of things my bag still feels mild weight. I have more than 3 of this brand coz I bought Longchamp for its function.

My second winner goes to Michael Kors. Different than Longchamp which looks casual MK is a bit sophisticated. I always go with white or grey because it looks elegant. For this brand I bought MK for its look.

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