I Promise Myself

I recently witness how unfair life is and it shook me quite hard. How a dedicated and hard working person is kicked out from the office not because she is underperformance but dislikeness. And just like that she’s gone 😦

Finally I told myself to work as its portion. No need to show full dedication and give extra miles if you can easily be kicked out. Bekerja sewajarnya. I promise myself that for 2023.

I promise to choose myself first over work.

Um, remember my colleague who passed away last December? I wrote it here. She was missed, office sent condolence flower board, people were grieving… for about a week and then life goes on. People get busy with their own things and forget. The one who still remember and mourn are the family (I know from the FB Post as I befriended with her fam). Bitter truth but it happens everywhere. This reminds me to work as its portion. Bekerja sewajarnya. So, I promise myself to allocate more time for the family. To create more memories with them, to cherish every moment I have with them. To be present and mindful when I am with them.

Hello Tuesday: On Bag, Lingerie, and Skin Care

I can’t sleep and three random things just po up on my head, so I decided to write ‘em up. Well as they say three’s a charm, rite? 😉 So here’s my Tuesday…

On Bag

There are a lot of brands for bags, but I am a Longchamp worshiper. I like the simplicity. The design looks modest for office, and it still blends when travelling. Talking about the weight; it’s just so light. That said when I carry lots of things my bag still feels mild weight. I have more than 3 of this brand coz I bought Longchamp for its function.

My second winner goes to Michael Kors. Different than Longchamp which looks casual MK is a bit sophisticated. I always go with white or grey because it looks elegant. For this brand I bought MK for its look.

Baca lebih lanjut

Nick Naming

Since I was a kid, I have this thing to nick name my possession. I will nick name every single thing I find special. From stuffed animals to a (selective) friend, from laptop to cars, even from pillows to a boyfriend. Every boyfriend got a special nick name from me and only me who got to call him that way (and of course with special tone as well) 😉 . Yeah, hard to forget a girlfriend like me when you are loved that way. :mrgreen: Lol.

I think I got this habit from my dad. He has special nick names for his daughters, only daughters; me and my little sister. And that nick name stay in the family only. When communicating to outside world, Dad will use our regular name and back home he’ll use the endearment name again. Yet, I guess I expand the habit wider by nick naming all things I find special. 😀

Talking about something fun, there’s something funny about this nick naming. I even still laugh to this day recalling it. Rolling back to when I was single after college, I remember I packed the dashboard and the back of my Hyundai Atoz (call her Lafly) with furry dolls. There were about a dozen and I named each of them. Besides for my own satisfaction, I used the stuffed animals as a preliminary test to my future boyfriend. On a 3rd or 4th date, I’d usually introduced my stuffed animals and how they’re special and unique thus I gave them nick names. Then on the 5th or 6th date, I’d asked test their memory: did they still remember at least 5 names of the dolls or not. :mrgreen: Most of them were like giving me that holly-cr*p-I-didn’t-see-this-coming-I-wished-I-paid-more-attention-earlier expression. 😂 IMO if you’re interested to me, you’d be interested to my details and things related to me too. Lol. Darn, it was so much fun! There were only 2 people passed the test and one of them is my hubby now. 😝

Nick naming is fun, it gives that butterflies and special feeling and shows the real bonding is.

You Suppose to Turn 42 Today

My heart aches when I opened our college album and recalling all the memories that comes within.

It hurts badly that I cried.

It hurts knowing that our friendship didn’t have a chance to have further rollercoaster joyful-sadness-exciting-fearfully life experience memories.

It hurts so much that we cannot exchange calls after long tiring days in the office.

It hurts painfully we cannot watch our kids grow bigger together. Basti and Vino will be great buddies just like we are (I am sorry, I still cannot write in past tense. I feel like you are still here with me by soul)

It hurts deeply reminiscing what we have gone through together and thinking what we might could’ve done.

Your mom just texted me this pic of us. The day when we graduated together. A bit blurry but I wanna post it here. I still keep in touch with your mom, Ros. I still keep in touch with your fam.

You are more like a sister to me than a friend, Ros. May you Rest In Peace in heaven. I love you always.

Written accompanied by Run of Collective Soul, one of your fave bad. I miss you badly, Ros.

10 Things That Made Me Smile This Week

Wrapping my weekend up with lotta smile.

1. Sipping coffee at my favorite cafe in Sentul.

2. Monopoly board game with Abang kecil dan Abang Gede. I, as the only lady in the house, of course always win 🤣🤣

3. Tuck my nephews to bed; sing lullaby songs and even snores together with them. LOL. Geez, baby sitting 3 children at same time takes up lotta energy but it’s FUN!

4. Journaling

5. Hub drives me around this week

6. New VERY soft towels on the shelf

7. Strolling around old town Bogor for that famous porky culinary experience

8. Free ice cream from Dad 😅 (of course I can buy it myself but taking ice creams bought by my dad is like reliving sweet childhood memories)

9. Joined mid-week Woman Mass

10. Quality time with Mom

This 3rd week of April is a very fast pace week. I slipped on something in my job due to tiredness that led to lack of preparation and ended with me beating myself up for I couldn’t meet the standard I’ve set up.

But one thing doesn’t have to ruin the whole beautiful week I have. And here I am being grateful for lotta things God has given me.

It’s all about perspective ☺️