God is Just a Prayer Away

This morning I stumbled into one of Rueben Morgan’s song: All I am. I knew this song more than a decade ago yet I felt God touched my heart (again) through this song. The lyrics, the tunes, it felt all different.

Taken from 2004 album: For All of You’ve Done Baca lebih lanjut

6 Crazy Things I (Sometimes) Do to Save Money

6 Things to do to save moneyOnce in a while I want something which perhaps quite pricey according to my pocket. Something unnecessary yet I want it badly. To be honest, in terms of money, I am quite hard to my self. I manage my finance well, I always balance it every month and I know exactly where did my pennies go. This my friend, I call it the perks of marrying an accountant! :mrgreen: hahaha.

Therefore when there are things (which I consider go to “unnecessary” department) I don’t spoil my desire. I don’t use my saving to buy those things yet I push my self to do something extra to earn what I want. For sure, without disturbing the monthly cash flow. And these are what I usually do: Baca lebih lanjut


Me and RositaOur last picture together. Taken when I accompany you to visit the doctor. I miss you so much.

Eight days after your gone and my heart still ache. It is never easy to loose a friend, especially a close friend like you dear Rosi. I will always remember you fondly and have wonderful memories of many times spent with you during our younger years. After a long fight of cancer, you finally go, but your strong will to survive always inspire others. I still sob whenever I remember you but I keep reminding my self that you are in better place now. For sure you will always remain in my heart. Always.

FuneralSo long my Rosita, till we meet again after life.

Make a Peace When You are Falling to Pieces

So, this is how broken heart feels. As I am writing this I am shaking. What we have planned for, what we have idealized for can suddenly crumbled into pieces. They said, “There’s gonna be a good reason for everything. There’s no such thing of coincidence.”

Well, it’s just me. Me gotta prepare bigger heart to accept things I can’t accept. It’s true, totally true, that we can’t control what happen outside of us but we can control our response. Or… Simply make a peace with yourself therefore you can see positive side of something… Well, that last sentence is a simple sentence without any simplicity.

Dear God, hold my hands!


I’m a Little Bit Busy Now

Starting on week 36 I do some exercise for my labour preparation. The fitter a prego, the easier when that big day of pushing is coming 🙂 So I do these:

  • 30 minutes morning walking on the grass
  • 5 sets of squatting @ 8x, total of 40x and I shall increase it into 100x
  • 15 minutes pelvic rocking
  • 15 minutes Kegel exercise
  • 30 minutes afternoon walking in the neighborhood
  • 2x a week go for Senam Hamil (like a Yoga)
  • 1x a week go for swimming


Yes, I’m on my maternity leave but I’m also a busy mom to beeee! ^_^.

Pregnancy Brunch

I’m on my maternity leave already so I have lotta times to do things in order to prepare my labour. Yet, staying at home can lead to death by boredom :)) Lucky I have a solution for this: when I get bored at home, I usually stalk Adrian to his office. Hahaha. But surely I don’t disturb him for what I meant by stalking him is I go with him to Jakarta, he’ll drop me in whatever mall I like then he’ll pick me up again in the afternoon. Sometimes we go lunch together when his schedule isn’t that packed. But sometimes I just keep my self busy reading magazines, novels, browsing on the internet while having my meal.
My kinda brunch :P

My kinda brunch 😛

By the way, there are two places I love most for my brunch. One is Java Bean. Luv their breakfast menu, yet to me it will be brunch as I usually arrive around 10am. Hihihi. They have this comfy chairs and relax ambiance. Their brunch menu also isn’t that heavy. Oh, if we order the package menus, it is inclusive drink too. Yeay!
My crazy craving :P

My crazy craving 😛

Another pregnancy brunch place for me is Kobe Lamptei. I enjoy their original Lamptei rice beef menu. So original. Simple without heavy spices so I can taste the real juicy beef from what I order. But this place is good for eating only, not a comfy one for relaxing since they use hard chairs.
Yet, both of them provide free wifi though 😉