Nick Naming

Since I was a kid, I have this thing to nick name my possession. I will nick name every single thing I find special. From stuffed animals to a (selective) friend, from laptop to cars, even from pillows to a boyfriend. Every boyfriend got a special nick name from me and only me who got to call him that way (and of course with special tone as well) 😉 . Yeah, hard to forget a girlfriend like me when you are loved that way. :mrgreen: Lol.

I think I got this habit from my dad. He has special nick names for his daughters, only daughters; me and my little sister. And that nick name stay in the family only. When communicating to outside world, Dad will use our regular name and back home he’ll use the endearment name again. Yet, I guess I expand the habit wider by nick naming all things I find special. 😀

Talking about something fun, there’s something funny about this nick naming. I even still laugh to this day recalling it. Rolling back to when I was single after college, I remember I packed the dashboard and the back of my Hyundai Atoz (call her Lafly) with furry dolls. There were about a dozen and I named each of them. Besides for my own satisfaction, I used the stuffed animals as a preliminary test to my future boyfriend. On a 3rd or 4th date, I’d usually introduced my stuffed animals and how they’re special and unique thus I gave them nick names. Then on the 5th or 6th date, I’d asked test their memory: did they still remember at least 5 names of the dolls or not. :mrgreen: Most of them were like giving me that holly-cr*p-I-didn’t-see-this-coming-I-wished-I-paid-more-attention-earlier expression. 😂 IMO if you’re interested to me, you’d be interested to my details and things related to me too. Lol. Darn, it was so much fun! There were only 2 people passed the test and one of them is my hubby now. 😝

Nick naming is fun, it gives that butterflies and special feeling and shows the real bonding is.

You Suppose to Turn 42 Today

My heart aches when I opened our college album and recalling all the memories that comes within.

It hurts badly that I cried.

It hurts knowing that our friendship didn’t have a chance to have further rollercoaster joyful-sadness-exciting-fearfully life experience memories.

It hurts so much that we cannot exchange calls after long tiring days in the office.

It hurts painfully we cannot watch our kids grow bigger together. Basti and Vino will be great buddies just like we are (I am sorry, I still cannot write in past tense. I feel like you are still here with me by soul)

It hurts deeply reminiscing what we have gone through together and thinking what we might could’ve done.

Your mom just texted me this pic of us. The day when we graduated together. A bit blurry but I wanna post it here. I still keep in touch with your mom, Ros. I still keep in touch with your fam.

You are more like a sister to me than a friend, Ros. May you Rest In Peace in heaven. I love you always.

Written accompanied by Run of Collective Soul, one of your fave bad. I miss you badly, Ros.

10 Things That Made Me Smile This Week

Wrapping my weekend up with lotta smile.

1. Sipping coffee at my favorite cafe in Sentul.

2. Monopoly board game with Abang kecil dan Abang Gede. I, as the only lady in the house, of course always win 🤣🤣

3. Tuck my nephews to bed; sing lullaby songs and even snores together with them. LOL. Geez, baby sitting 3 children at same time takes up lotta energy but it’s FUN!

4. Journaling

5. Hub drives me around this week

6. New VERY soft towels on the shelf

7. Strolling around old town Bogor for that famous porky culinary experience

8. Free ice cream from Dad 😅 (of course I can buy it myself but taking ice creams bought by my dad is like reliving sweet childhood memories)

9. Joined mid-week Woman Mass

10. Quality time with Mom

This 3rd week of April is a very fast pace week. I slipped on something in my job due to tiredness that led to lack of preparation and ended with me beating myself up for I couldn’t meet the standard I’ve set up.

But one thing doesn’t have to ruin the whole beautiful week I have. And here I am being grateful for lotta things God has given me.

It’s all about perspective ☺️

Indescribable Atmosphere; Energy Vampire

Have you ever experienced the moment when one person gets into the room and the aura changed? There’s like this indescribable uncomfortable atmosphere following the person? I experienced that several times.

Recalling on the day I first met with that person, I made a mistake by lowering my vibe even though I felt weird. While some people have this joyful or soothing and calming energy, this person is just the complete opposite. I felt the bad vibe even though it wasn’t openly expressed. Hubby said the same. He clearly told me to stay away from the person, things I didn’t listen which I regret later. The negative energy is just… Wow… Overwhelming. Like dementor, absorbing joy. Not only when meeting as a person even worse online.

I remember as early as I followed that person on socmed, I was shocked with the bitter vibe spread through the platform. Non-stop ranting of everything. High education even overseas doesn’t guaranty attitude or emotional stability. A friend advised me to mute the person if I couldn’t handle it.

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Recommended Netflix Binge Watching TV Series

I was closing 2021 in 5 different cities within 2 weeks and opening 2022 also in 5 different cities within 2 weeks. That life between plane to plane is not always giddy, lots of times involves early morning at wee hours in the airport, delayed flight due to bad weather or simply restless on board. Yet I found some of these Netflix series help me kill the time. 🙂

Recommended Netflix Binge Watching TV Series

1. The Bold Type

It’s a story of 3 close knit girlfriends with their own uniqueness trying to figure out life while chasing love and career in New York City. Working at the same office: Jane Sloan, a smart writer but up tight, a little bit old fashioned girl. Tiny is her nick name coz she’s short. Then there’s Sutton Brady, a girl from a small town who’s trying to climb her ladder of success. She’s gorgeous and a hardworking person. The last member of the gang is Katie Adison, the privileged girl who knows what she wants coz her parents raised her right.

The Bold Type

It’s so much fun watching them running around the Big Apple with cute inspiring new-fashioned style (well they work in a magazine). Each episode is just refreshing, they’re not just bringing cheesy drama but recent (sometimes global) issues wrapped into very contextual daily life. Personally, it’s a mind opening to certain topics that I’ve always questioned myself of. Geez, watching this series kinda remind me of my own friendship in college. I got this group of girlfriends who were so close and after graduated 3 out 5 girls were of course working in the same office! So, we got to continue giggling over boys and our crushes. Lol. Really, it is a must watch series.

4 Seasons in Netflix, around 45 min each episode.

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Feel Good Happy Moments

I feel a bit overwhelmed the past several months with the job, pandemic (who doesn’t?) deadlines and many other things. So I thought I’d post some “feel-good-happy-moments” pics here. 🤗🤗 Just a little reminder that eventhough sometimes life seems hard but in overall, it’s good! It’s been so f**king good ☺️

Speaker at a workshop in Bali attended by mid-level official as the participants and also speaker at several other Indonesian ministries. It’s an honour.

Received this beautiful post card from Manish Deo, an Indian friend I met years ago. You have no idea how my expression was getting this card knowing he sent it from the highest post office in the world! I feel wonderful, very special, and honoured, knowing someone remembers me during his trip and even putting extra effort by writing personal message and sending it like an old school. Sweet. This warmth my heart. Thank you!

Yeay for a sweet escape to Jogja. A simple family quality time yet very recharging. Did nothing but sleep, eat, swim, repeat with lotta laughter and love in between. I’m blessed! 🤗

Found the right conditioner. Say hello to my long smoother hair 🥰

Btw I get accustomed receiving compliments from various people in various occasions. I usually replied with simple “thank you”. But guess what, sometimes a frequently received compliment hits different when it was said just at the right time. Recently someone texted me, “Kamu cakep itu default.” I didn’t expect that and it made my day. So I am gonna include that as one of the happy moment here. Appreciating the right time of saying it.

Now, October has arrived and it’s gonna be another busy like a bee time. Oh hi, well… October let’s roll together.

Putting the Fun Between My Legs

Don’t you love the endorphins kick after exercising?

I like the sweats drop in every pedal I made,

I love the relaxed and happy feeling under the sun,

I like to see things through different eyes (from a moving bike),

But most of all, I like the small joy every ride brings in. For every pedal is a tiny holiday, a boost of good mood. 🥰🥰

Another 70km-ish ride!

Happy Sunday beautiful people! May you have wonderful day filled with lots of happiness. ☺️