My Ups and Downs Relationship with God

We all have that period of time where we simply decided not to follow any rules but ours. I grew up in a very strict Christian family as strict as my mom reads the bible every dawn and my dad would woke us all of his children with a loud religious songs from Radio Pelita Kasih at 6 AM. :mrgreen: So loud that I thought I gone deaf. Lol. Not to mention that we go to church every Sunday (no excuse or you’d get scholded) also attended mid week service. Well, those were not without reasons. Lots of our relatives from dad’s side are priests or pastors and even there’s a nun from my mom side. So yeah, religious activities and its values are something me and my siblings breath in everyday.

Those values lead my life well and keep me on track. I am forever grateful that my dad was putting a solid fondation for me so I wasn’t lost. But to certain point of life, I got bored. I felt like being restrained. In almost every situation, I always asked myself the WWJD question. You know, when in doubt, ask yourself, “What Would Jesus Do?” :mrgreen: So then I always behaved, always become the teacher’s pet and bosses’ fave person or something like that. To the point that I couldn’t enjoy my life freely the way I want it.

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Classic Hymns

Hingga sekarang saya masih terkagum-kagum dengan penerjemahan himne-himne klasik gereja dari Bahasa Inggris ke Bahasa Indonesia. Pilihan diksinya tepat sekali, indah, tidak mengurangi makna namun secara estetika tetap terjaga. Ah, Tuhan berkati mereka yang sudah jadi perpanjangan tangan mendatangkan damai sejahtera dan sukacita melalui pujian dan penyembahan.

Salah satu himne klasik yang diterjemahkan dengan sangat baik oleh E.L. Pohan di tahun 1975 adalah Pass me not O gentle Saviour karya Fanny J. Crosby (1868).

Pass me not O gentle Saviour,
Hear my humble cry.
While on others Thou art calling,
Do not pass me by.

Saviour, Saviour,
Hear my humble cry.
While on others Thou art calling,
Do not pass me by.

Diterjemahkan ke dalam lagu pujian KJ 026 berjudul Mampirlah, Dengar Doaku

Mampirlah, dengar doaku, Yesus Penebus.
Orang lain Kau hampiri, jangan jalan t’rus.
Yesus, Tuhan, dengar doaku;
orang lain Kau hampiri, jangan jalan t’rus.

Apa teman-teman punya himne klasik kesukaan?

Have a blessed Sunday!

The Lord’s Prayer

As a believer, I was taught to forgive your enemies. In Matthew 5:39, “But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” To turn your right cheek if they slap your left’s and bla bla bla.

I will not fight the Scripture who aged more than 2000 years. Have no guts, not that crazy. LOL. Furthermore, there’s nothing good coming from holding grudges. In fact by forgiving, we benefial more. So, about 2 weeks ago I start the process, resting my soul in God’s hand and it feels just right. After a long journey, I finally can let go, release and be at peace. 😊☺️ It’s relieving. So serene.

I still keep a safe zone though.

Monday has just begun and I’m gonna recite this Lord’s Prayer to start the day. Hope you guys have a wonderful day and wish you great week ahead. God bless!

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Training for a 100 KM Cycling

Inspired by @Dewikr and @tiyokpras who have been doing 100 km as easy as breathing, I plan on doing it too. So the past two months I’ve been rebuilding my stamina, developing my endurance and durability and training myself for this milestone. Boy, I am nervous. 😅

Anyway, couple of weeks ago I was challenged by Adrian to go for 60 km and I just did it! I managed to cycle that far. Hopefully soon can go for a 100 km. I’ve got the best cycling buddy who’ very determined on pumping my spirit up. Eventhough sometimes his short comments were quite annoying. 😅🤦🏻‍♀️

“Itu tanjakannya dikit doang kok. Pendek gitu.”

“Kan abis makan mie ayam, lewat flyover aja ya.”

“Baru 40 km, belum capek kan?”

“Average speed-nya dinaikin dikit ke 17-18kph.” (Padahal gue udah megap-megap 😅).

See, super annoying, right? 😅😅 Still I am aiming for a 100 km, wish me luck!

Best cycling buddy slash bodyguard. Lol

May is a Happy Sway

I thought they forgot but they didn’t ☺️☺️ Though it was no biggy since we were occupied with this church thingy. But when the bouquet came in the evening while I was busy preparing meal for dinner, I couldn’t be more thrilled. They really surprised me.

Aw, you guys…. Thank you 😍 Thank you for the love. Thank you for lotta hugs and kisses I received everyday. Thank you for being my guys.

Mother’s Day 2021

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms in the world. Who have been working so hard expressing love to family, hubbies and children, sometimes sacrificing own interest for the interest of them. May God grand your heart desire for the best of your family and yourself too.

Putting the pic from Mother’s Day in 2020 here since I didn’t make any post last year. Lol. Once again, Happy Mother’s Day. Let’s sway in happiness, ladies! Our own created happiness. 😍😘

Emotional Residue

Recently, a professional whom I trust wholeheartedly encouraged me to write of how I feel towards something. To release whatever emotional residue left in me, to let all the anger out until nothing’s left anymore. Doesn’t need to be a long in-depth writing, small notes do just fine as long as it’s consistent.

Not there’s no reason behind it but because I skipped the anger phase in my healing journey. After 8th March , my soul was desperately sought for peace, I did anything I could to be at at that state including jumping a phase. Baca lebih lanjut

I’ve Paid My Dues

Saturday has always been my fave day. I get the time to relax and enjoy myself by exercising, reading books, gardening or simply listening to random music. And Queen is on my playlist now as I write this blog post which is funny how it can correlates.

So, things happened. I ain’t a saint. I made mistakes. I apologized and tried the best to improve myself. But looking back at the first months of 2021, somehow those weren’t enough unless I appease the person. Unless I followed whatever scenario of how I shoud behave/react to the persons’ desires.

That’s just not right. Forcing something has never been right.

I understand the pain it was caused. I am owning the mistake; taking responsibility by apologizing and committing a changed behaviour. Yet, that doesn’t mean I deserve to be mistreated.  I’ve paid my dues.

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Taking Care the Place I live in

Againts all odds, my son asked me something like these.

“Is that where I live when I was a baby, Mom?” Pointing out to my belly.

“Yes, you were in my tummy for almost 43 weeks.”

He got surprised, his eyes were widen and continue asking another surprising question. “So, this is my first home?”

I nodded. Afterwards he approached closer and then hug me (oh well my tummy) tight. 😀

A simple daily convo as we always have. He considers my tummy as his first home and he’s right. In fact seeing it from bigger picture, my body is my home. This is the only place where I have live in from the day I was born to later when my time is up on the earth.

I’m taking care more of it.