Writing this when some memories flashing in.

Reminiscing your sweet and cute smile. Your laughter every time I did something odd out of cluelessness or silly faces I made. You always said I live in a bubble, my reaction; sometimes annoying but most of the time funny.

Reminiscing the way we both howling over unopened umbrella on a minor misunderstanding. It was drizzle a little, I didn’t know you had umbrella while you thought I didn’t want to use one so for a while we were walking in the ☔️ rain which actually could be spared 😅.

Reminiscing how caring you were buying me menstrual pad when I suddenly felt uncomfy. With no doubts marching to the nearest convenience store. I still remember your calm and adorable face when you handed me the pad.

Reminiscing your warm hugs and the way you held my hands when I was scared. Caring and tender. Reminiscing you. Reminiscing us. And how lovely our bonding is.


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