I Promise Myself

I recently witness how unfair life is and it shook me quite hard. How a dedicated and hard working person is kicked out from the office not because she is underperformance but dislikeness. And just like that she’s gone 😦

Finally I told myself to work as its portion. No need to show full dedication and give extra miles if you can easily be kicked out. Bekerja sewajarnya. I promise myself that for 2023.

I promise to choose myself first over work.

Um, remember my colleague who passed away last December? I wrote it here. She was missed, office sent condolence flower board, people were grieving… for about a week and then life goes on. People get busy with their own things and forget. The one who still remember and mourn are the family (I know from the FB Post as I befriended with her fam). Bitter truth but it happens everywhere. This reminds me to work as its portion. Bekerja sewajarnya. So, I promise myself to allocate more time for the family. To create more memories with them, to cherish every moment I have with them. To be present and mindful when I am with them.

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