You Suppose to Turn 42 Today

My heart aches when I opened our college album and recalling all the memories that comes within.

It hurts badly that I cried.

It hurts knowing that our friendship didn’t have a chance to have further rollercoaster joyful-sadness-exciting-fearfully life experience memories.

It hurts so much that we cannot exchange calls after long tiring days in the office.

It hurts painfully we cannot watch our kids grow bigger together. Basti and Vino will be great buddies just like we are (I am sorry, I still cannot write in past tense. I feel like you are still here with me by soul)

It hurts deeply reminiscing what we have gone through together and thinking what we might could’ve done.

Your mom just texted me this pic of us. The day when we graduated together. A bit blurry but I wanna post it here. I still keep in touch with your mom, Ros. I still keep in touch with your fam.

You are more like a sister to me than a friend, Ros. May you Rest In Peace in heaven. I love you always.

Written accompanied by Run of Collective Soul, one of your fave bad. I miss you badly, Ros.


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