Hello Tuesday: On Bag, Lingerie, and Skin Care

I can’t sleep and three random things just po up on my head, so I decided to write ‘em up. Well as they say three’s a charm, rite? 😉 So here’s my Tuesday…

On Bag

There are a lot of brands for bags, but I am a Longchamp worshiper. I like the simplicity. The design looks modest for office, and it still blends when travelling. Talking about the weight; it’s just so light. That said when I carry lots of things my bag still feels mild weight. I have more than 3 of this brand coz I bought Longchamp for its function.

My second winner goes to Michael Kors. Different than Longchamp which looks casual MK is a bit sophisticated. I always go with white or grey because it looks elegant. For this brand I bought MK for its look.

On Lingerie

Um.. I am a lingerie fan. Touching the lace, the model, the fabric, it’s so sexy and wearing it makes me feel sexy as well. I have various colors of lingerie; black, red, purple, blue, white, pink, magenta, you name it. From lace kickboxer panties to Thong or G-String, from a sexy nurse to serious teacher costumes or from cute to kinky or something in between. My collection is a bit complete :mrgreen: . Lol. I feel feminine yet powerful at the same time. Btw, I don’t forget my granny pants though, wear ‘em during my period. Comfort comes first on those days.

On Skin Care

One thing to know about my skin care is… I don’t use lotta products. I love dolling up (surely not for others but myself) yet I don’t have that long ritual of skin care. I am cursed blessed with oily skin type which result for my face to break out easily. It’s devastating when it happened. Therefore, I just go to dermatologist, ask for their product and follow every instruction. Once I missed a thing, I’d have a breakout. It was a long way but now I have accepted the fact that my face won’t be as glam as others, that I need to touch up more often compared to other gals, and oil absorbing sheets has been my bff. Still grateful though, I don’t get that wrinkle fast. 🙂

So, how’s your Tuesday?


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