Indescribable Atmosphere; Energy Vampire

Have you ever experienced the moment when one person gets into the room and the aura changed? There’s like this indescribable uncomfortable atmosphere following the person? I experienced that several times.

Recalling on the day I first met with that person, I made a mistake by lowering my vibe even though I felt weird. While some people have this joyful or soothing and calming energy, this person is just the complete opposite. I felt the bad vibe even though it wasn’t openly expressed. Hubby said the same. He clearly told me to stay away from the person, things I didn’t listen which I regret later. The negative energy is just… Wow… Overwhelming. Like dementor, absorbing joy. Not only when meeting as a person even worse online.

I remember as early as I followed that person on socmed, I was shocked with the bitter vibe spread through the platform. Non-stop ranting of everything. High education even overseas doesn’t guaranty attitude or emotional stability. A friend advised me to mute the person if I couldn’t handle it.

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