Indescribable Atmosphere; Energy Vampire

Have you ever experienced the moment when one person gets into the room and the aura changed? There’s like this indescribable uncomfortable atmosphere following the person? I experienced that several times.

Recalling on the day I first met with that person, I made a mistake by lowering my vibe even though I felt weird. While some people have this joyful or soothing and calming energy, this person is just the complete opposite. I felt the bad vibe even though it wasn’t openly expressed. Hubby said the same. He clearly told me to stay away from the person, things I didn’t listen which I regret later. The negative energy is just… Wow… Overwhelming. Like dementor, absorbing joy. Not only when meeting as a person even worse online.

I remember as early as I followed that person on socmed, I was shocked with the bitter vibe spread through the platform. Non-stop ranting of everything. High education even overseas doesn’t guaranty attitude or emotional stability. A friend advised me to mute the person if I couldn’t handle it.

“Jangan unfollow. Nanti jadi panjang, mute aja ya,” The friend pleaded. So years ago even though I prefer unfollowing, I muted the person out of respect to the friend. I wasn’t strong enough to handle the boiling energy. It would be better if the person just block me instead and when the person did, I was beyond happy. (Though now it was unblocked and my account was being monitored. Probably the person got nothing better to do, or maybe I am just that fascinating -PD boleh dong hihihi- 😅 🙄🤪 ).

Yet, I’ve learned to set my boundaries and it’s relieving.

Btw here’s some simple tips on how to deal with those energy vampire who absorb happiness:

  1. Ignore; ignorance is a bliss. They can’t steal your joy if you don’t allow it.
  2. Stay positive; might by exercising or gardening or simply do what you like. I found solace in hydroponics and journaling.
  3. Keep a safe distance and if possible…
  4. Cut loose

It’s not easy especially if you’re an empath. I even needed help, a professional, to guide me detaching myself from the perpetrator and also the situation. Strong will is a must and never give up on practising. It’s been a year since I did #4 but it seems time to practice again no. 1 – 3.

Shall keep doing it, my empath friends. Good luck! May all of us have the strength to protect our inner peace.

P.S. That kind of person will try everything to force connection even though not openly expressed. For they need audience or victims for their emotional sand sack to burst their anger or channel the boiling energy, keep the distance anyway. Cut loose is the best though.

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