Here’s a Confession

I feel like the universe has been trying to redirect me in the first quarter of 2021. It has been energy and mentally draining process. Yet, I cannot grateful enough! I like the version of me now.

It is also actually a reminder of what I should be doing. But again as The Worrier never left my side of the brain, I resort to what I consider as a comfort zone.

Therefore to avoid myself ended up in an angry and bitter stage, I wrote personal journals a lot. Like, a lot. That give me chance to reevaluate my thinking. The self-talk afterwards helps me rediscover new insight and perspective of what I trully want and need. The difference is really significant. I am way happier, calmer and grateful.

So, here’s the lesson that life has given me in the first quarter of 2021:

I try to be more mindful, be more in the moment. To let go, release and move on from things I cannot control. Focus on how I should respond things to gain inner peace rather than questioning why did the person do that, do this or being so mean.

By this I learn to adjust myself to anything that life has thrown at me. Forced to end an-eleven-year friendship? Okay. Shovelling a scenario of how I should react? Sure, ones can say but I don’t have to comply. I received everything and not make a fuss. I adjust. Just managing my respond for my best benefits and by that I feel lighter.

I also learn to be smart in pouring my energy into something. This include protecting my inner peace by only following accounts that sparks joy. Pick the right battle, not everything worth of my time. To trust my instincts more, if the person’s vibe doesn’t feel right, just be it. Leave. No need to lower my vibe or anything. What’s good for me will feel right.

I now counting stars more and enjoy what I have. Care none of what others’ opinion or deeds. Prioritize myself and do something that actually contributing to my happiness. No matter how small they are.

I really enjoy the process of my personal growth. I really do (though sometimes I bleed too). Hence, it’s an awesome private journey which include pruning myself from friends who do not contribute to my positive growth. It’s amazing how I feel good about myself afterwards. If my younger self from two years ago see me now, I know she’d be proud of me. Well, I am proud of myself and the progress I made. 😊

Have a great weekend! May all of us grow into the better version of ourselves in our own pace.

Lots of love,


8 respons untuk ‘Here’s a Confession

  1. Zam berkata:

    that’s true. we need to save energy and choose the right battle. not everyone is worth our time!

    welcome back to blog, anyway! 😆

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