March is Parch

Small note I made on 8th March.

This is the coincidence I am not happy about. In the month of TB awareness, our family received a shocking news. My cousin who’s 7 mos pregnant lost her battle to this white plague after surviving covid. She’s that friendly person who smiles a lot and really take good care of her fam. My heart aching. We lost two souls.

While I was still mourning from the news, on the same day, one close friend called and decided to end our friendship due to personal reason. I was shock but I didn’t resist what the universe throws at me. I just surrender to the flow of life and choose to be at peace.

The friend reached me out again just several hours afterwards but it feels different. There’s lotta restrain from my part. That leads to my decision cutting off the real source of the pain (not the friend but the person who caused the pain).

March is “World Tuberculosis Day”, heartbrokenly I lost my cousin in this month.

March is “International Women’s Day”, yet it is a woman who also torned a long pure friendship. Though we resumed it rightway but the scar still remains. It will never be the same.

March is parch.

Posting this as a reminder that I survive March and how smooth life is when I just let it unfold without resistance. So, I’m giving myself a pat in the back, “You’re doing great, Eka.”


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