I’ve Paid My Dues

Saturday has always been my fave day. I get the time to relax and enjoy myself by exercising, reading books, gardening or simply listening to random music. And Queen is on my playlist now as I write this blog post which is funny how it can correlates.

So, things happened. I ain’t a saint. I made mistakes. I apologized and tried the best to improve myself. But looking back at the first months of 2021, somehow those weren’t enough unless I appease the person. Unless I followed whatever scenario of how I shoud behave/react to the persons’ desires.

That’s just not right. Forcing something has never been right.

I understand the pain it was caused. I am owning the mistake; taking responsibility by apologizing and committing a changed behaviour. Yet, that doesn’t mean I deserve to be mistreated.  I’ve paid my dues.


6 respons untuk ‘I’ve Paid My Dues

  1. ndu.t.yke berkata:

    Aku jg lg ngalamin hal serupa. I made mistakes, I screwed up. I asked for appology not once or twice but more; dan itu permintaan maaf yg bersungguh2. Tp klo orangnya tetep gak mau maafin, ya aku juga merasa: thats enuf, aku gak mau minta maaf lagi krn sudah cukup.

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