Lemmi Stop You Right There

I’ve closed the door to the past and look forward by opening the door to the future.

So, Lemmi Stop You Right There. Stop trying to fix things you’ve smashed and trying to get credits for mending it. (Dunno the reason) perhaps to make you feel good about yourself? To ease the guilty feeling? Or maybe in the hope there’s a chance for me reaching you out to reconnect as a thank you courtesy? 🧐

If I want to, I myself can arrange the reconciliation with my own resource. No help needed.

Heart is like a glass and once it’s shattered, it’s never be the same. I’ve changed. I’ve grown. I am not that meek-submissive person you used to put pressure on. I’ve said goodbye to that old version of mine. 😊🙃

02/05/2021. Ah, 2nd of May. Hello, May. Come what may.

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