Joke’s on Who?

Once, someones threatened to delete me from ones life and consider me never existed if I didn’t comply to what ones wanted. Things got worse and the person started dictating my life of how I should react.

I was a fool to comply those appeasement for a short period of time whilst I’ve paid my dues. I did that because I respected the person, I looked up to ones. Boy I was wrong. After awhile I started to live in constant fear. I was in survival mode for months. Have you been in that situation? It was tiring. 😢😭

That was not healthy anymore.

It took me lots of hardwork by journaling, meditating, back and forth sharing with someone whom I trust, learning to change thinking patterns, etc., and I did it! I managed to get out from that situation. Yeay! It’s a big relief. 🤗🤗

Btw, once someones threatened to delete me and consider me never existed. As I grow, my thinking pattern change and I consider the person is dead. To me, that person is dead. The joke’s on who, now?

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