Period Remedy

Period sucks 😅 They say after you gave birth, period will be just an easy peasy thing… But not! That one moment of the month is still torturing. That mood swing, the cramp, that exhausted feeling, all just so overwhelming. Not to mention becoming so needy, clingy and questioning everything. Gosh, I am just really not myself during this time.

Exercise usually help to reduce all those sympthoms but since I got my muscle torn up, I can’t do anything about it. So here I am trying to function with all the things going on in my body.

However I do have a little remedy to make myself feels better:
1. Hot choco drink works for me. Thank you hubby for going to supermarket to buy that specific brand I wanted at 10 PM and prepared the drink while I am crying feeling misery in bed. Smooch! 😘
2. Spooning is really a great solace.
3. Curling up in the sofa reading romance novel also makes my mood calmer.
4. Looking at beautiful places with good memories (just like this pic when I was in Lembang) is comforting as well.

Lately I attempt listening to what my body tried to tell me and didn’t oppose it. For example, the last one week I was craving for lots of sweets and some carbs. At the normal days, I’d just shifted the desire to fruits or something healthy but as I looked my calendar I realized it’s my PMS time so I loosen up a little. Letting myself snacking some Astors and bread pudding even at late night. To avoid the guilty feeling I took moderate portion of them. LOL. Somehow that also help ease my mood a little. Well, at least I don’t have to fight my own feeling during that puffy body due to PMS.

How about you? Have you got any tips during the period? Feel free to share, girls! Oh for the boys… Just embrace this moment, forgive whatever your girl said in this time.


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