Moving Out (Part 1)

“What’s inside this?” (Point to a box)
“My shoes.”
“Should we leave it here?”
“Do u wanna start World War three?” 😤😤

*The Art of Moving Out* 😆

Pleased the Eyes

“I feel like I wanna eat that rainbow cake.”

“Why don’t you download it? Rainbow cake is just pleasing the eyes, the taste is so so. Overrated.”




I’m speechless. He’s right 😀

But… You’ve Got All My Heart.

“Bang, I think I should’ve gotten a reward.”
“Reward? What? Why?”
“Well… Last Friday I accompanied you working over time till almost midnight, on Saturday and Sunday I was in your office the whole day. An this Monday I drove 60km to accompany you for half day meeting. I, then demand a reward.” 🙂
“But… You’ve got all my heart. That’s not enough?”


*A conversation over a sushi last night, one that made me want to kiss him right away* 😀

Effective Morning

Cara efektif buat ngebangunin suami tanpa terlihat kejam:

Wakey, wakey sleepy head! ;)

Wakey, wakey sleepy head! 😉

1. Cuci muka dan cuci tangan pakai air kamar mandi yang dingin.

2. Tanpa handukan, tempelkan wajah yang dingin itu ke pipi suami dan peluk dia pakai tangan yang nggak kalah dingin itu.

Pada saat suami melek sambil teriak-teriak, “whoaaaa apa nih? Kok dingiiiiin?”

{asanglah senyum manis karena misi romantismu membangunkannya dengan cara elegan mencium dan memeluknya telah sukses. :mrgreen:

*tapi ya harus siap mental dipelototin habis-habisan*

Selamat mencoba daaaan… You’ve been warned! Hahaha

I Found it Cute

So in a one hot afternoon me and Abang had this weird conversation. That conversation which can trigger deeper love to bloom 🙂

” Abang kaosnya bau.”

Yang di-complained pun menengok. Setelah membaui tubuhnya sendiri, Abang pun menyanggah, “Bau kamu, kan cuma meluk kamu.”

Mendengar jawabannya saya pun protes, “Enggak, ini bau keringat begini. Kayak wedus deh!” Dengan mulut mecucu kesal, saya balik bertanya, “Emangnya aku wedus?! Huh.”


And then he hugged me and I kept on smiling when the words “aku bau kamu” recurring in my mind :mrgreen:

You Refuse Not

Panic attacked at 4 a.m. in the morning. Stress out for I’d conduct a test with high ranks as the participants. Cried silently but as always I can’t hide anything from you. You were extremerly sleepy (don’t lie, I knew it) but still you woke up and searched for some medicine. It really stroke me out, you could’ve stayed sleeping, but you refuse not. Reached my body then pat pat the stomach with a comforting face whispered, “you’ll be fine.”
And more tears running down on my cheeks.. No, not because it was hurts but because I never been loved this deep. Thank you.