Adrian’s Day

I always have ‘that need’ to serve Adrian. Preparing his food, his snack, his clothes, his shoes and many more. Yeah, I serve him right from the kitchen straight to the bed (Oooopz 😜😜 *dikeplak*). The point is I usually do the chore and let him enjoy his Saturday.

But today …. Today is Adrian’s Day.
The day where Adrian does everything and I do nothing.

So on Adrian’s Day ….
He massaged my feet while we’re watching Bruce Almighty. That’s almost two hours of massages, dude!
He rubbed my back when I take a shower.
He washed all the dirty dishes (I am talking about three days dishes as Bibik is on holiday).
He made me hot choco milk.
And he even cooked for me! The rice, the chicken, everything! (Although it was no longer fried chicken, instead a grilled chicken alias ayam gosong! Hahaha 😂😂).

Ah, Adrian …. He just made me love him even deeper 😘.


2 thoughts on “Adrian’s Day

  1. quinie says:

    good. suami siaga itu namanya. emang ada special day gitu ya mbak, atau mulai sekarang adrian day terus sampe dikau persalinan? hehehe
    kalo suamiku udah mendeklarasikan sebagai suami siaga sejak aku hamil 16minggu sampe nanti lahiran *mudah2an terus extend sampai si baby lahir. hohohoho. semua kerjaan diambilalih 😀

    • Ceritaeka says:

      Hehehe emang dia lagi mau keknya Tu. Aku di rumah ada Bibik sih buat ngerjain kerjaan rumah tapi keperluan Adrian aku urus sendiri tapi kemarin lagi dimanja banget aja gituh soalnya Bibik lagi ijin 😀 hehehe.
      Smoga suamimu extend jadi suami siaganyaaa. Hehehehe

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