Minggu ke-12 : A Little Celebration ;)

Celebrating my 3 months old pregancy by standing right in the middle of Cavenagh Bridge :)) can you see the bumpy tummy there? Yep, we took a 3-day-trip to Singapore. People call it babymoon, but me & Adrian simply call this a little celebration. πŸ˜‰


Oh, for I have passed the first trimester, I don’t need to take that Utrogestan 100mg again. That meds made me really uncomfy for the way I hafta used it. Anyhow. Yeay! Commencing the second trimester now. May you grow happily and healthy in mommy’s womb ya, my dear baby Lex :* smooches!

Mami & Papi love you already!

22 respons untuk β€˜Minggu ke-12 : A Little Celebration ;)’

  1. bebe' berkata:

    Huaaaa.. aku ya baru tau kalau dirimu lagi hamidun juga toh.. hahaha..
    Sehat terus ya mommy and baby.. papanya juga… ^^ Baby bump-nya udah keliatan dikit.. πŸ˜€

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