Little Things You Appreciate More When You Are Expecting

So when it is official that there’s a bun in the oven you will appreciate these more than before :

#1 Pup

Yes daily routine of your bowel is not a routine anymore. The pregnancy hormones slower your body metabolism therefore if you can pup once in two days it is already a relieve! Well, sitting on the toilet every morning is just like my precious habit so once this is disturbed, it kinda annoyed me. I have tried eating lotta fruits, veggies, even drinking more than two liters water a day but stiiiiiilll …. Sometimes you go the toilet once in a day, two times in a day or once in two days. You can’t predict that as it really will depends on the body metablism that day. Even, once in 2 days is good enough. Pheew. The digestion has its own way and doctor said it is normal. Don’t take any medicine.

#2 Sleeping tight

Well, well, well …. Is there anyone telling you that once you got pregnant then you pee like a bladder? I wake up every two hours to pee. I hafta, for when I don’t do it, it will lead to an infection. This lead me to be a spoiled brat. For when I’m lack of sleep I become crancky 😀 I need more hugs every night.  Hahaha.

#3 Husband

My husband is a direct person, not romantic and protective on his own way. Having him always massaging my back, preparing my food, and always very very veeeerrrryyy patient (even when I am being impossible), that somehow love him even more! :*

Anyway, this is week-12, I think this list will continue as the tummy become bigger 😀 Hihihi.

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