A Little Wish Comes True


A few days ago I asked my dad where to buy tasty gudeg in Jakarta. He said he didn’t know for he always bought it in Jogja on his business trip there.

It was just an ordinary question, soon I completely forgot about it.

Didn’t think that dad was over thinking about my Q.

Last night a package arrived. A full set of gudeg kendil imported from Jogjakarta! With a message from my dad, “for my soon to be grandchild.”

I cried a little bit, how sweet my dad is šŸ™‚

Anyway, so let’s have breakfast! ^_^



4 thoughts on “A Little Wish Comes True

  1. desty says:

    Hihi… aku pengen banget makan bakpao lompobattang dari makassar yang isi daging babik itu.
    pas dikirimin sampai makan 3 buah…
    katanya kalau hamil kita bakalan pengen makan makanan yang akrab sama lidah. Soalnya emang nyari yang enak aja kan?

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