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Her name is Dewi. I’ve known her almost a decade ago on her first move to Jakarta. We rarely meet up but our heart connects in a way.

On her last birthday I wrote her long letters. My first hand-written letter this year. I didn’t understand it but felt like there’s this urge telling me to take special time writing it.

So I took time. In result the Bday gift was late being sent.

Only after I sent it I understand why the universe did that. Dewi said she burst into tears as the letter seems like answering her wanders for the past several months. And by that I knew, I knew we need to catch up over a cup of coffee (our fave liquid. Lol).

So one noon we’re sitting at Pison Coffe next to Grand Indonesia. Catching up. We talked and talked. I told her I was astonished by her and Epat’s achievement, how I was proud of them. Really I am. Then she asked me what’s new about me. So I told her recent occurrences in my life. She smiled. A very warm one and some comforting words uttered afterwards.

A friend knows. A friend understands. Thank you for our friendship Dewi. Thank you for inspiring me to push myself training for a 100 km cycling. I am working on it. ☺️ Thank you for always reminding me that your ears are always ready, by that I know you have my back.

Let’s do it again soon. Make it longer next time. Love you, always. You, cute girl with the bangs! 😊😁

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