Feel Good Happy Moments

I feel a bit overwhelmed the past several months with the job, pandemic (who doesn’t?) deadlines and many other things. So I thought I’d post some “feel-good-happy-moments” pics here. 🤗🤗 Just a little reminder that eventhough sometimes life seems hard but in overall, it’s good! It’s been so f**king good ☺️

Speaker at a workshop in Bali attended by mid-level official as the participants and also speaker at several other Indonesian ministries. It’s an honour.

Received this beautiful post card from Manish Deo, an Indian friend I met years ago. You have no idea how my expression was getting this card knowing he sent it from the highest post office in the world! I feel wonderful, very special, and honoured, knowing someone remembers me during his trip and even putting extra effort by writing personal message and sending it like an old school. Sweet. This warmth my heart. Thank you!

Yeay for a sweet escape to Jogja. A simple family quality time yet very recharging. Did nothing but sleep, eat, swim, repeat with lotta laughter and love in between. I’m blessed! 🤗

Found the right conditioner. Say hello to my long smoother hair 🥰

Btw I get accustomed receiving compliments from various people in various occasions. I usually replied with simple “thank you”. But guess what, sometimes a frequently received compliment hits different when it was said just at the right time. Recently someone texted me, “Kamu cakep itu default.” I didn’t expect that and it made my day. So I am gonna include that as one of the happy moment here. Appreciating the right time of saying it.

Now, October has arrived and it’s gonna be another busy like a bee time. Oh hi, well… October let’s roll together.

Satu respons untuk “Feel Good Happy Moments

  1. Zam berkata:

    ikut senang mendengarnya.. mencatat dan mengabarkan hal-hal menyenangkan seperti ini bisa ikut menyebarkan kesenangan dan jadi pengingat saat sedih

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