So, I’m Gonna Save These

Being a mom is truly magical journey for me. Starts from the pregnancy, labor and life after that, all are amazing! To be honest, I never thought that my son, who’s not even five can do such beautiful things. Everyday he wows me. Not with big extraordinary thing but with simple daily activities. Btw don’t assume motherhood is all just happy lalalili thingy, there’s nothing as that luxury. Hahaha. Sure, I had my overwhelming moments but most of the time I feel blessed that I embrace motherhood with open arms since the day I found out he’s in my tummy.

So, I’m gonna save these… Words he told me randomly, out of his pure heart and made me fly. Baca lebih lanjut


Basti Talks #6 : It’s Impossible! (Cara Ngeles Tidur Siang)

“Basti, time to sleep now.” As it’s around 2pm so I asked Basti to take a nap. To my surprise he has his own answer.

“No, Mami. I think it’s impossible.”

I was a bit surprised for his new vocabulary, never have I used the word “impossible” before but I decided to follow his game.

“Why is it impossible?”

“Because I wanna play. It’s impossible for me to sleep. I can not sleep and play together, Mami.” And then he took his cars, left me behind and played with it with innocent face.



Errrr…. Boleh diuyel-uyel aja nggak anak ini? :mrgreen: Ngeles biar nggak tidur siangnya gini amat 😀

Basti Talks #3 : Between an Animal and Cursing Words

“Mami, FAK!”
“What?!” Jawab saya dengan muka terkejut setengah hidup.
“FAK mami, FAK.”
“What Fak?” Tanya saya pelan-pelan dengan muka pucat, kenapa ini anak ngomongnya gini? Keknya nggak ada yang ngajari deh.

Lalu saya lihat iPadnya dia…


Udah pusing aja kepala mikir gimana ini meresrtuktur ulang kata-katanya kalo sampe cursing words itu muncul.  Hahaha. Ternyata hanya salah paham. Hahaha.