Birthday Note

Happiest birthday my baby boy! Thank you for choosing me to be your mom, for teaching me what pure love is. For being you, for being my son.

You, you’re the one who has soft heart, who’s crying whenever you need to say goodbye to broken toys, shoes or hats.

You, who shower my days with lots of laughter and brighten my morning with plenty hugs and kisses.

You, who always reply me with “I love you MORE, Mom” whenever before bed I told you how I love you. (and I always all teary no matter how often I heard that).

We love you 3001!

You, who can’t find socks, run to me and ask where are those pairs while I can tell you with my eyes closed ‘coz it’s actually right over there! 😂

Look how fast you’ve grown up, Sebastian. You’re the apple of my eye. Happiest Birthday, Abang Basti! Mami always and will forever pray for all your happiness and success.


Is it just me or other moms also sometimes feel melodramatic on his kid’s birthday? Happy but at the same time feeling hollow for realizing that he’s getting bigger and will no longer depends on you?


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