So, I’m Gonna Save These

Being a mom is truly magical journey for me. Starts from the pregnancy, labor and life after that, all are amazing! To be honest, I never thought that my son, who’s not even five can do such beautiful things. Everyday he wows me. Not with big extraordinary thing but with simple daily activities. Btw don’t assume motherhood is all just happy lalalili thingy, there’s nothing as that luxury. Hahaha. Sure, I had my overwhelming moments but most of the time I feel blessed that I embrace motherhood with open arms since the day I found out he’s in my tummy.

So, I’m gonna save these… Words he told me randomly, out of his pure heart and made me fly.

One day we went jogging, we were running around with medium pace and suddenly he stopped in front of the neighbor’s house. I thought there was something wrong with his feet but turned out he lower himself, took the flower and gave it to me saying,

“Mami, here’s a flower for you. I know you like flowers. I want to make you happy forever.”

And I froze. It’s such a blessing to have him.

“Are you happy to see me finishing my food mom? Look, Mom. I finish it.”

He said it after our lunch. His kind attention to see me happy is beyond everything.

He was watching TV and by the time he saw me out of my room, he stared at me in awe, then ran to hug me and said,

“Mom, you look beautiful in that red lipstick. Are you going somewhere?”

I feel like a princess with a loyal fan. Lol. Muach!

One day I was driving him after school. It was daily routine, then out of nowhere while he was watching the trees swiftly away slowly he said from his car seat at the back….

“When I grow up later I will drive you everywhere just like you do now, Mom.”

Well, I’ll hang on on that, boy! Drive your mama first rather than your girl 😉 Hahaha.

I was dead tired after one hectic day. Took a long shower to refresh myself and when I was out of the bathroom he said,

“Wow, you’re wearing flower clothes. I like it when you do. I like flowers and you look pretty, Mom.”

I was wearing my daster (pijamas) at that time! Stunned by his words, I was speechless for a moment. Well surely kid can appreciate everything, right?

Before bed I told him, “I love you, Abang Basti.” And he replied, “I love you more!”

BOOOM! My heart blooms.

Basti is such a blessing. He always stares at me with his wide eyes full of curiosity. His hugs are always full of love and tenderness. He is my pure joy!

Oh Sebastian, my dear baby who refused to be called baby, there are so many things ahead my dear son.

So, lemmi save these moments as a reminder for both of us when you are teenager and we have a fight about who you are dating or a girl you have crush on. 😛

You, my son, you’ve always lighten up my day. Never a single day goes by without my love growing bigger to you.


14 respons untuk ‘So, I’m Gonna Save These

  1. Diah berkata:

    Basti is a romantic person. Love to read this story.

    My first son is a kind of romantic. But, now he’s 9 yo, less romantic compared to what he used to show me. But, that’s okay. He shows me his love in different ways.

    Such as, “When I grow up I will do this and that for you, mom.” Or he cooked nasi goreng for me.

    As my second son, he’s too cool to show his romantic side. In other words, he’s not romantic. 😅😅

  2. Fanny Fristhika Nila berkata:

    Baca ini ga sabar nunggu si lanang gede dan lancar bicara hahahaha.. Skr sih dia juga manja banget ama aku, tp krn bicaranya blm lancar, jd blm banyak bisa ngucapin kata2 manis yg bikin mamaknya meleleh gitu hahahaha

  3. deadyrizky berkata:

    hmm 1st time coming here
    perasaan yang sama juga menjangkiti kami sekitar 4 tahun yang lalu
    dulunya berdua, eh tiba” dikasih amanah anak perempuan yang cantik nan ginuk”

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