Basti Talks #6 : It’s Impossible! (Cara Ngeles Tidur Siang)

“Basti, time to sleep now.” As it’s around 2pm so I asked Basti to take a nap. To my surprise he has his own answer.

“No, Mami. I think it’s impossible.”

I was a bit surprised for his new vocabulary, never have I used the word “impossible” before but I decided to follow his game.

“Why is it impossible?”

“Because I wanna play. It’s impossible for me to sleep. I can not sleep and play together, Mami.” And then he took his cars, left me behind and played with it with innocent face.



Errrr…. Boleh diuyel-uyel aja nggak anak ini? :mrgreen: Ngeles biar nggak tidur siangnya gini amat 😀