Must Have Pregnancy Beauty Products

Although sometimes I feel bloated and uncomfy during my pregnancy but it doesn’t stop me from feeling good. I do believe when you feel good (about yourself) then you’ll look good too. Yet because I’m pregnant I can’t freely use any products, it should be safe for me and the baby, so these are what I usually use :

Pregnancy Beauty Products 1

  1. Moayu Bath Gel, IDR 59.000. This bath gel with gentle and abundant foam contain green tea extract that sooth every bath session of mine. At first, I got these products for free as a gift from my friend, Nuuii. Yet when I started to try it, definitely I’m in love and I made an order already 🙂
  2. Another collection of Moayu that I like is the Body Lotion, IDR 39.000 for 100 ml. A combination of green tea, coconut and frangipani. The smell is just so calming! The effect is significant on me. I feel relax every time I do bath and put the lotion using Moayu’s product. Later I know that the owner was also pregnant when she invented these series. No wonder! ^_^
  3. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula, IDR 40.000 for 30 gram. A massage cream for Stretch Marks. Fany, a friend of mine recommended this to me. She is a big fan and she said this anti stretch marks cream is impelling. So I tried it and I guess it works! I have no stretch mark on my belly and the previous marks on my butt are gradually faded. This cream is a miracle!
  4. Pink Grapefruit Body Mist from The Body Shop, IDR 119.000 for 100 ml. Well, I sometimes got hot flashes and this essence just kinda make me feel fresh again. Love the smell and the sensation afterwards. Pregnancy Beauty Products 2
  5. Vanilla aromatherapy candle from Scents of Life, $10/ candle. Lit this before bed and all I get is a peaceful vibe that helps me sleep tighter 🙂 Bought this on my trip to New Zealand and too bad I can’t find it in Jakarta. Lucky I have two huge candles. Guess that’s enough supply for my pregnancy 😛


Well, those fives are my fave pregnancy beauty products that I find it really helping my time :).


10 thoughts on “Must Have Pregnancy Beauty Products

  1. Swastika Nohara says:

    jangan lupa foot gel Ka… enak banget kalo pulang kerja/aktivitas, mandi, terus pijet2 kaki sendiri (foot, bukan leg) pakai gel adem itu. Banyak merk, aku dl pakai bodyshop 😀

  2. dWi (@Ki_seKi) says:

    woooohooo luv all those fancy stuff! so do i….
    I love to pamper myself due it can recharge our energy amid hectic days gezzzzzzz….btw Moayu Bath Gel… it recommended? sambilubek2webnya hihihihihihihihi

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