Behind the scene of Our Maternity Photo Shoot

You must have seen our maternity photo shoot. If not, pleased your eyes here: Maternity Photography ^_^. Now I wanna talk about things behind the screen. Well, it is not a surprise if the kitchen becomes messy to produce wonderful things, right? 😛 Took 30 minutes only for the makeup and around 10 minutes hair do, quite fast, huh? Well, Nanath (the makeup artist slash photographer) knows perfectly what she’s doing.

Before & After

Before & After

The photo-shoot took about 2,5 hours around the condotel in three different rooms: the living room, master bedroom and the smaller bedroom. The last one was chosen because of its good lightning. I changed my apparel several times: white gown, black gown, golden fabric, pink blouse and a simple black tube for the skin to skin session.

Full of laughter. Nanath is on the upper pic posing with me.

Full of laughter. Nanath is on the upper pic posing with me.

It was a wonderful photo-shoot. We felt comfy with Nanath, perhaps because we’re friends already. Yet she’s a female so I don’t feel awkward when I needed to take off my clothes.



At the end, me and Adrian were loving it so much! The process, the result, they just represent our love and happiness in the right way.

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