God is Just a Prayer Away

This morning I stumbled into one of Rueben Morgan’s song: All I am. I knew this song more than a decade ago yet I felt God touched my heart (again) through this song. The lyrics, the tunes, it felt all different.

Taken from 2004 album: For All of You’ve Done

Here’s the lyrics should you like to sing a long and praise the Lord.

Into Your hand I commit again

With All I am

For You Lord

You hold my world in the palm of Your hand (This part got my eyes all teary)

And I am Yours forever



Jesus I believe in You

Jesus I belong to You

You’re the reason that I live

The reason that I sing with all I am

I’ll walk with You wherever You go

Through tears and joy I’ll trust in You (and also this part, we are talking about faith here)

And I will live in all of Your ways

Your promises forever

Btw, one of my wish is one day Adrian and me can praise Jesus my Lord at the Hillsong Church in Sidney. One day 🙂 Give me big amen for that 😉

Anw Happy Sunday to you all. God Bless.

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