Recommended Netflix Binge Watching TV Series

I was closing 2021 in 5 different cities within 2 weeks and opening 2022 also in 5 different cities within 2 weeks. That life between plane to plane is not always giddy, lots of times involves early morning at wee hours in the airport, delayed flight due to bad weather or simply restless on board. Yet I found some of these Netflix series help me kill the time. 🙂

Recommended Netflix Binge Watching TV Series

1. The Bold Type

It’s a story of 3 close knit girlfriends with their own uniqueness trying to figure out life while chasing love and career in New York City. Working at the same office: Jane Sloan, a smart writer but up tight, a little bit old fashioned girl. Tiny is her nick name coz she’s short. Then there’s Sutton Brady, a girl from a small town who’s trying to climb her ladder of success. She’s gorgeous and a hardworking person. The last member of the gang is Katie Adison, the privileged girl who knows what she wants coz her parents raised her right.

The Bold Type

It’s so much fun watching them running around the Big Apple with cute inspiring new-fashioned style (well they work in a magazine). Each episode is just refreshing, they’re not just bringing cheesy drama but recent (sometimes global) issues wrapped into very contextual daily life. Personally, it’s a mind opening to certain topics that I’ve always questioned myself of. Geez, watching this series kinda remind me of my own friendship in college. I got this group of girlfriends who were so close and after graduated 3 out 5 girls were of course working in the same office! So, we got to continue giggling over boys and our crushes. Lol. Really, it is a must watch series.

4 Seasons in Netflix, around 45 min each episode.

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