Body Don’t Lie

“How do you feel when writing those from scale 1-10?”

“Deep rage. 10/10.”

“How do you feel after?”

“Relief but extremely exhausted.”

“Common response. Any other physical symptomp?

“Nausea. I vomit a little after each writing. Oh, and headache.”

“Understandable. Your body responding it. Imagine holding the wrath any longer, what can it do to your health? Or imagine bashing that rage to your family or the colleagues in the office. Imagine the damage.”

Imagine the damage

“Wow, aren’t you talking what ifs now? What if I didn’t release it? What if I didn’t write those.”

And she laughed. “The concern is your health, both emotionally and physically. I know it’s not easy. You worked hard. Good you released it through writing. Anything else?”

“Nothing. I’m done with all these shit. I’m just tired. Enough.”

“What should you do when you’re tired?”


“Do it.”

“Oh, and pamper myself a little. Maybe cleansing in a bath up covered with petals. Just because.”

Body don’t lie. Next time I find myself uncomfortable with something or someone, will protect myself, my vibe and energy from the beginning. As I recalled I felt weird to that person even from day 1 when we met. Shall try to listen for its sign more.

3 respons untuk ‘Body Don’t Lie

  1. Zam berkata:

    aku juga sekarang lebih sering ngikuti kata tubuh.. kalo pengen rebahan, ya rebahan.. ngga semua harus dipaksakan.. maklum sudah tuwa.. 🤣

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