First Swimming in the Public Pool

On Christmas we decided to spend the day on one of the hotel around Semanggi. It was our favorite hotel for its child friendly. Anyhow, Bastian had his first time swimming in the public pool here. Of course I first managed to buy a neck ring and trunk for his prop. Chose blue as Bastian is a male and for its my fave color :mrgreen:

 First Swimming
As Bastian had an experience in swimming at hydro pool, I thought this public pool swimming would be a piece of cake. Turned out I was wrong :D. When he deep into the pool he was uneasy. I reassured him that everything was OK. Still he showed an objection through his face. So I played with him for a little while. I sang while holing him in the water and swung him gently. When he was comfy, I slowly let my self go and violaaa…. Bastian enjoyed the water.

I was amazed to see him swimming freely in the pool. He moved his legs and hands without any fear. Sometimes the water splashed onto his face but he didn’t care. He continued swimming and mumbling with his adorable voice. Forgot the surrounding and had so much fun!

Bastian swam for about 15 minutes. Quite long for a baby 🙂 He was little bit tired as after the swim he latched on me for almost an hour. But seeing him so happy had made my day! Such a beautiful quality time.

We shall have another swimm, kiddo! ^_^

By the way… Have a joyous Christmas everyone! And happy holidays too.

Have a joyous Christmas



2 thoughts on “First Swimming in the Public Pool

  1. ipied says:

    hihihihihi lucu, eh iya pertanyaannya beli celana renang buat balita di mana ya? selama ini anakku kalo renang pake celana pendek biasa soale 😆

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