First Crush

Who was your first crush? I remember when I was on 5th or 6th grade I had this crush to this music player in church, guitarist to precise. Hmmm, I forgot his name already 😀 I could recall the high school where he went but… Darn! I completely forget his name. Slap me, please. Haha.

First CrushWe crossed a path when he said hi to me on one Sunday School meeting. He was helping the Sunday School teacher. Me with my pony tail and innocent smile, a little girl who was even too shy to reply his hi. I was sitting in the corner and said nothing while other children were singing “With Christ in the Vessel We Can Smile in the Storm” happily. He tried to pull me into that cheerful bunch of kids but I refused. I was very shy. Hence, I could remember he looked really marvelous when he played his instrument. So confident, so stunning.

Since then, a man who can play music instrument has always made me nervous. I dated two drummers, two guitarists and one bassist. A man who can make such a beautiful melody from his instrument has always been… Uumm… So Yum! Oopz, did I mention that I married one now? :p

Who was your first crush? Tell me…

4 respons untuk ‘First Crush

  1. littlethingsonmymind berkata:

    hahahaha, kalau mantan2nya dikumpulin bisa buat boyband ya kak, namanya ‘barisan para mantan’ ahahahah *kayak lagu aja

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