6 Crazy Things I (Sometimes) Do to Save Money

6 Things to do to save moneyOnce in a while I want something which perhaps quite pricey according to my pocket. Something unnecessary yet I want it badly. To be honest, in terms of money, I am quite hard to my self. I manage my finance well, I always balance it every month and I know exactly where did my pennies go. This my friend, I call it the perks of marrying an accountant! :mrgreen: hahaha.

Therefore when there are things (which I consider go to “unnecessary” department) I don’t spoil my desire. I don’t use my saving to buy those things yet I push my self to do something extra to earn what I want. For sure, without disturbing the monthly cash flow. And these are what I usually do:

  1. Make my own coffee so I can save up around 500 thou per month for not going to Starbucks 😀
  2. Love the earth more by turning of the aircon, the telly, and also the unused lights. :* Save up the energy as well as the money.
  3. Being picky in attending social events. Well, I live in suburbs area where I need to pay toll, gasoline and that damn pricey parking fare whenever I decided to be social butterfly in the down town 😛 So, I kinda being selective, I hang out when I really wanna hang out. Surprised me a lot as I managed to save 2 mio in a month when I did this! Yihaaa.
  4. Pack my own lunch. I love treating myself to a nice meal after that hard day in the office but when this craving of wanting-unnecessary-thing-yet-I-want-it-so-badly comes, I pack my own lunch 5 times a week and I skip dinner at the fancy restaurants :mrgreen: Yeah, I am that hard to my self.
  5. Limit the call, maximize the wifi. Hey, the WA call is doing great though! Skype and Facetime tooo ^_^
  6. Do a price comparisonand switch the groceries to cheaper one. Ex. I usually use Elle & Vire Butter bar but sometimes I switch to Orchid or Anchor. They both taste pretty much the same.

Not written: All those naggy-whinny voice asking for extra money from hubby 😛 Hahaha!

Anyway, that’s how I save up my money. How about you?

4 respons untuk ‘6 Crazy Things I (Sometimes) Do to Save Money

  1. coretandenina berkata:

    ini tipe saya juga Ka, kopi bawa sendiri, lunch box, beli makanan saya cari yang lagi penawaran special. Ya, gitu saya atur uang, ngikut emak saya yang punya anak 12 orang dan harus sekolah semua. hihihi…

    tapi setelah sama si abang, saya sedikit longgar karena nggak mau tekan dia untuk ngikut. dia dari keluarga yang tipe nya beda. pelan-pelan saya ikutin, dan, puji Tuhan sekarang kita ketemu di tengah. terbukti dengan cara saya, listrik, air kami lebih hemat. makan di luar buat berdua cuma weekend saja, kecuali dia, lunch tiap hari di luar. dia bilang, saya pinter atur uang. haha.. pinter sama pelit beda-beda tipis, nah, ini saya nggak pertegas…

    tapi, ada banyak cara koq nyenangin diri, termasuk ketika kita berhasil hemat, iya nggak Ka? hihihi… tos dulu ah.

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